Bespoke Saunas.

Beautifully Built.


What we do

We Build & Install Hand-Made, Bespoke Saunas for Homes and Commercial Properties

handmade saunas to fit

We are a small team of carpenters, electricians and builders who can build any sauna to fit the space you have whether it be under the stairs, in the bathroom or in a swimming pool area.

High quality timber

We only use the highest quality kiln dried timber in our saunas such as hemlock, aspen, alder and cedar. All our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia.

the whole package

We offer the whole package from the practicalities of sauna design to electrics, tiling and structural works if necessary all under one roof and managed by the Cannon team. 

Custom Built

We are able to be  100% flexible in size, design and layout. We can build saunas to sizes and shapes that would be otherwise unsuitable. Because we build everything from scratch we have complete control over the quality of workmanship.

We can build saunas in garages, bathrooms, swimming pools and shepherds huts. 

all at a reasonable price

Whilst we can’t compete with kits that are mass produced in a factory as we have to make everything on site and we use high quality timber you might be surprised how little a bespoke sauna can cost.

We build Bespoke indoor & outdoor saunas

As well as indoor saunas we can also build bespoke outdoor saunas whether it be in a shepherds hut, outdoor office  or alternatively we can build you an outdoor structure for your sauna. 

How much does a sauna cost?

All of our saunas are handmade. Hand built on site to suit your space. So we cant give an exact cost on a website. 

But, as a guide a bespoke sauna will cost around £1100 including VAT per linear metre (adding up the total length of all walls). 

If you would like full glass fronts, additional lighting, backrests and headrests they will cost extra.

In addition we can provide electrical connection from your fuse box, tiling and structural works if necessary.  We can do everything you need,


        What’s included:

        • Deluxe Finnish Harvia stove and controls
        • Glass door
        • Under bench lighting
        • All cabinetry in Aspen wood panelling
        • Thermometer/Hygrometer


        Our sauna was built from a Pinterest picture – we showed what we wanted to Graham and he did the rest and it looks exactly like the picture – amazing!

        We are experienced

        We Have Over 25 Years of Experience

        We have years of experience working in high quality properties making bespoke cabinetry and structures.  We love working with interesting designs and developing our clients ideas into the finished product.

        bespoke saunas
        bespoke saunas
        bespoke saunas
        bespoke saunas
        bespoke saunas
        bespoke saunas

        Graham and his friendly, helpful team have designed and built our sauna and it is exactly what we wanted – it looks better than we had imagined.

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